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Our interactive learning platform enables you to engage in discussions, collaborate with peers, and apply your knowledge through hands-on exercises. Whether you're an entry-level newcomer or a seasoned professional, our courses cater to individuals at every stage of their careers.
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Video features

Re-imagine learning with video


Our videos are divided into sections to offer you an easy and lightning-fast navigation.


We boost your understanding by showing an interactive transcript that is automatically extracted from our videos. We make our videos more accessible and much easier to navigate.


Questions, titles, pointers, overlay images, links and a lot more interactions to our videos! We make them more vivid and engaging.
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Lots of learning activities

We offer you a bunch of learning activities. Video, ebooks, quizzes, certificates, exams and a lot more. An awesome interactive learning experience!

Flexible pathways

You can navigate freely or sequentially. Courses can also be delivered with drip feed.

Reading with note taking

Multiple ways of adding notes and highlights. We help you improve your scanning and reading strategies.
Lots of questionnaires

A sophisticated testing engine

Assignments for every need

Improve your confidence with self-improvement quizzes, formal tests, file assignments, and certificates to prove newly acquired skills.

Question banks

We have huge pools of questions connected to multiple courses and tests. All you need for secure, randomized tests for continuing education (CE) and certification programs.

Branded digital certificates

Take awards of our own digital certificates! Showcase their competencies at the end of your learning adventure.
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Learning Experiences you will fall in love with

Engaging and effective training

Interactive videos, ebooks, assessments, certificates, SCORMs, surveys, and much more.

The most versatile course experience

A beautiful course player with curated course pathways.

Re-imagined interactive video learning

Exceptional video experiences with transcripts, quizzes, and tables of contents.

Sharp Learning's Individual Courses and Signature Job-Ready Program

Job-Ready Program
Individual Courses

Embrace Continuous Growth and Expand 
Your Skill Set

At Sharp Learning, we offer a wide range of comprehensive online courses that cater to professionals of all levels. Whether you're an experienced marketer looking to enhance your skills or a beginner eager to learn the fundamentals, our courses provide something for everyone. From advanced technical training to strategic thinking and effective communication, our comprehensive curriculum covers both hard and soft skills.

Invest in your learning and professional development today by exploring our diverse selection of online courses!

Our Signature Job-Ready Program

Our signature job-ready program is designed specifically for entry-level new hires and recent graduates who want to hit the ground running in their careers. This intensive program focuses on equipping participants with all the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel from day one. Through a combination of hands-on training and real-world simulations from industry experts, our job-ready program ensures that you have the confidence and expertise to thrive in the fast-paced marketing and PR industry.

Set yourself up for success by enrolling in our signature job-ready program and gain the competitive edge you need to succeed!

Don't just take our word for it—see what our learners have to say about their experience with Sharp Learning:

"Enrolling in Sharp Learning's online courses was a game-changer for me. The courses were well-structured, engaging, and provided practical insights that I could immediately apply in my marketing career. I highly recommend Sharp Learning to anyone looking to take their skills to the next level."
Sarah M., Digital Marketing Specialist
"I've taken several online courses throughout my career, but Sharp Learning stands out from the rest. The courses were comprehensive, well-designed, and delivered by industry experts who truly understand the marketing and PR field. The support and resources provided by Sharp Learning were invaluable, and I continue to apply the knowledge I gained in my day-to-day work"
Naya S., Communications Manager
"As a recent graduate, I knew I needed something more than just a degree to stand out in the competitive job market. That's when I found Sharp Learning's job-ready training program. It was the perfect opportunity to gain practical skills and industry knowledge. The program not only equipped me with the necessary tools to succeed in my career but also gave me the confidence to hit the ground running from day one."
David S.
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