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Discover how Sharp Learning transforms your agency's most valuable asset – your people – into high-performing, skilled professionals ready to drive your agency's success
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Discover the power
of eLearning

We specialize in transforming agency teams into powerhouse performers. Our training programs are not just courses—they're bridges to success, designed after years of reserch and development. We're here to close the gap between potential and performance, turning new hires into star players and refining the skills of your existing team.
Cost-Effective Training

High-quality, affordable training solutions tailored for fast-paced agency environments.

Skills Development

Enhance your team's capabilities with targeted skill-building courses.

Consistency & Morale

Ensure uniform training and boost team morale across your organization.


Practical Skills
— What we offer

Enhanced eLearning Solutions for Agencies

We've dedicated years to understanding exactly what skills lead to agency success. Let us handle the training, so you can focus on what you do best—driving your agency forward.
Comprehensive eLearning Catalogue
Our eLearning suite is tailored for the fast-paced agency environment, covering essential topics and advanced strategies within the marketing and communications industry. Each course is carefully crafted to offer deep insights and practical skills, ensuring your team can apply what they learn directly to client projects.
Signature "Sharp Bites"
Designed for busy agency professionals, "Sharp Bites" provide concise, targeted learning sessions. These micro-courses are perfect for upskilling your team in specific areas, from client communication strategies to brainstorming and creative ideation techniques, all in a format that respects billable hours.
Flagship Job-Ready Program
Our Job-Ready Program offers 25 hours of comprehensive training, specifically structured for marketing and communications roles within agencies. Let us handle the training, so your team can focus on delivering exceptional client work. This program is designed to enhance your team's skills without disrupting billable hours, providing them with the tools they need to excel and better serve your clients.
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Leadership Development: Equip your senior management with advanced strategic insights and leadership skills, enabling them to drive success and foster a culture of continuous improvement.


Skill Enhancement: Provide your mid-level professionals with the resources to refine their existing skills and adopt new strategies that contribute to team efficiency and project success.


Foundation Building: Prepare your new hires with our Job-Ready Program, offering essential skills and industry knowledge to integrate seamlessly into your corporate environment and contribute from day one.
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Investing in Your Future

Investing in Sharp Learning is investing in your agency's future. Our programs offer tangible benefits—increased productivity, improved client satisfaction, and reduced onboarding time. But the intangible benefits? Priceless. Better team morale, less stress, and a culture of proactive problem-solving. Imagine an environment where every new Account Coordinator is not just present, but actively contributing and managing up.
—   Invest in Your Team's Growth with Sharp Learning

Maximize Agency Efficiency and Profitability

The real cost of not investing in employee training extends beyond mere numbers. It manifests as inefficiency, lost productivity, and a significant increase in turnover rates. Each untrained employee represents a missed opportunity for growth and a direct impact on your bottom line.

Maximize Your ROI on Human Capital

Cost Savings and Efficiency

Investing in employee training significantly reduces inefficiencies and productivity losses. Well-trained employees mean fewer mistakes, less time spent on correction, and more time focused on client work. Reduce turnover and recruitment costs by investing in the skills your team needs to succeed.


Competitive Advantage

Become a Magnet for Talent and Business

Employee development makes your agency attractive not only to potential clients but also to industry-leading professionals. Demonstrating a commitment to your team's growth can set your agency apart in competitive pitches and help attract and retain top talent who are eager to advance their careers within a supportive, progressive environment.
Quality and Service Improvement

Elevate Client Satisfaction and Retention

Proper training directly correlates with the quality of work and client service. Agencies with well-trained employees see higher client satisfaction rates, leading to longer client relationships and more stable revenue streams. Training your team with Sharp Learning means delivering consistent, high-quality results that keep your clients coming back.
Agency Morale and Culture

Foster a Culture of Learning and Development

Investing in your team's growth contributes to a positive agency culture and boosts morale. Employees who feel valued and equipped to tackle their roles are more engaged, productive, and likely to stay with your agency. Create a supportive environment where learning and professional growth are part of the daily rhythm.
— Elevate Your Agency: Build a High-Performance Team

Sharpen Skills, Drive Success

Elevate your agency's performance with Sharp Learning’s specialized training solutions. Escape the pitfalls of in-house training limitations and immerse your team in our expert-developed, scenario-based programs. Designed for the unique challenges of the marketing and communications industry, our courses streamline success from the ground up.
Relying on internal employees for training can lead to subpar results, as they are often inundated with client work and lack the specialized expertise needed to deliver impactful training sessions.
Benefit from our team's extensive experience and research in developing courses that hone in on the precise skills needed for success in agency environments. Our training programs are the result of years of dedication and refinement.
Scenario-based approach to training revolves around real-world examples, providing participants with practical experiences they can immediately apply in their day-to-day roles. This approach ensures that learning is not just theoretical but directly relevant to their work.
Courses are designed to be interactive and highly engaging, featuring a variety of activities such as assignments, reflections, games, and quizzes. This ensures active participation and enhances learning outcomes.


Practical Skills

We're not your average training platform

Sharp Learning isn't just another training platform. Here, generic content takes a backseat to specialized, actionable learning experiences specifically designed for your agency's dynamic challenges and objectives. We're all about active, immersive learning — integrating real-world agency scenarios directly into our courses to ensure engagement translates into real-world skill application.

Expert-Led Insights

Our courses aren't theoretical lectures; they're practical wisdom imparted by veterans who've thrived in agency environments. Gain access to the frontline insights and strategies that can only come from those who know what it takes to succeed in the fast-paced world of marketing and communications.

Scenario-Based Learning

We go beyond traditional lectures. Our scenario-based courses place your team members in the midst of real-life agency challenges, compelling them to think strategically, make decisions, and develop solutions that mirror the realities of agency life.

Outcome-Driven Learning

Every module, every lesson is meticulously designed to drive tangible results. We gauge our success not by course completion rates, but by how effectively your team can apply new strategies and insights to real-world agency scenarios.

Premium-Quality Courses

Every module, every lesson is meticulously designed to drive tangible results. We gauge our success not by course completion rates, but by how effectively your team can apply new strategies and insights to real-world agency scenarios.

Interactive Learning

Say goodbye to mundane training sessions. Our interactive courses are designed to keep participants engaged and motivated, using a mix of interactive vidoes, games and activities to foster a deeper understanding and practical application of course material.

Flexible and Accessible

Our mobile-friendly platform ensures your team's learning journey is uninterrupted, adaptable, and aligned with their schedules. With Sharp Learning, professional growth is continuous, accessible from anywhere, at any time, facilitating seamless integration into daily agency life.
— Custom Training & Impact Assessment

Employee Training & Evaluation Plan 

At Sharp Learning, we understand the importance of tracking training outcomes to ensure the success of employee development initiatives. Our tailored plan aims to empower agencies to effectively monitor training progress, assess employee performance, and measure the impact of training on business outcomes. Here's how we can work together:

Course Completion Rates

Our Learning Management System (LMS) provides real-time data on course completion rates, allowing agencies to track the percentage of employees who have finished assigned courses.

Assessment Scores

The LMS records individual and average assessment scores, enabling agencies to assess employees' understanding of course material and identify areas for improvement.

Employee Satisfaction Survey

Implement regular surveys to gather feedback from employees about their training experience. Sharp Learning can assist in designing and distributing surveys to assess satisfaction levels and identify areas for enhancement.

Employee Engagement Tracking

Utilize qualitative data such as participation rates, interaction with course content, and feedback received during training sessions to gauge employee engagement. Our LMS offers engagement tracking features to monitor learner activity and identify trends.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Collaborate with agency stakeholders to define relevant KPIs that align with business objectives. Common KPIs may include customer satisfaction scores, revenue growth, client retention rates, and employee productivity metrics.

Data Integration and Analysis

Integrate training data with existing business systems, such as CRM platforms or performance management software, to correlate training outcomes with business performance. Sharp Learning can assist in analyzing data trends and identifying correlations between training initiatives and key business metrics.

Need Help Selling This to Management?

Download our comprehensive guide to help you effectively communicate the benefits of our training programs to your management. The guide includes email templates, presentation outlines, and key talking points to help you secure the necessary approval and funding.
  • Email Templates
  • Key Talking Points
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Productivity Projections

Bespoke Agency Solution

 Discover custom solutions designed to align with your agency's specific goals and challenges. Whether it's upskilling your team, enhancing morale, or ensuring consistency in training across the board, we're here to support your journey.

Sharp Learning Advantage

Choose us as your learning partner and witness transformational change within your agency. Boost morale, increase productivity, and retain top talent by investing in their growth. Our holistic approach ensures your team is not only equipped with the latest skills but also motivated to deliver exceptional results for your clients.
Empowering Your Agency's Future

Ready to Transform Your Agency?

Unleash the full potential of your team with Sharp Learning. We understand the unique demands and dynamic nature of agency life. That's why we've tailored our educational solutions to fit the billable hours model, focusing on practical, impactful learning without compromising your client commitments.
Empower Your Entire Agency with Access to Our Complete Course Catalogue

 Unlimited Learning Potential with Enterprise Pricing

Small Agency Package

Up to 50 employees
  • Full access to our extensive course library
  • Learning reports for employees based on assessment scores
  • Guidance on ROI tracking for training initiatives

Medium Agency Package

51-125 employees
  • Full access to our extensive course library
  • Learning reports for employees based on assessment scores
  • Training Measurement ROI Program: Customized program for tracking ROI of training

Large Agency Package

126+ employees
  • Full access to our extensive course library
  • Learning reports for employees based on assessment scores
  • Training Measurement ROI Program: Customized program for tracking ROI of training
  • Agency representative receives a login to add employees and monitor progress

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Learning Anytime, Anywere

Sharpen Skills On-the-Go with Our Mobile App

Take learning beyond the desk. With our mobile app available on both Apple and Android devices, your team can access our comprehensive courses wherever they are. Whether it's during their commute or a quick break, our app makes skill development convenient and flexible, ensuring that valuable learning opportunities are never missed.