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Crafting Professional Emails: Clear, Concise and Compelling

Designed specifically for entry-level and junior employees eager to elevate their communication skills, this course offers a blend of foundational techniques and advanced strategies to help you master the art of email writing. Throughout the program, you'll delve into the fundamentals of email communication, learning essential techniques for crafting clear, concise, and compelling messages. From understanding email etiquette to managing emotional intelligence and tone, you'll gain the skills needed to craft professional emails with confidence and finesse.
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  • What's Included:

    60+ Minutes of Interactive Video!
    • 60 minutes of interactive video lessons led by industry experts
    • Engaging discussions and real-life case studies to apply your learning
    • Practical exercises and quizzes to reinforce your understanding
    • Certificate of Knowledge to showcase your newly acquired skills
  • Why take the course?

    EDesigned for those at the start of their careers, this course will equip you with the tools and knowledge to compose emails that are not only clear and concise but also compelling.

    In this course you will learn to:
    • Kickstart your journey with essential email writing skills, focusing on structure, style, and the importance of clarity and brevity in professional communication. 
    • Elevate your email game with advanced tactics, including leveraging emotional intelligence to craft messages with the appropriate tone, understanding the nuances of workplace etiquette, and mastering the art of persuasion and influence via email.
    • Dive deep into the do’s and don’ts of email communication within a professional setting, ensuring your messages are always received as intended and reflect well on you as a professional..and more!

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